The Origin Story

isaac in the woods with a heavy pack on


In July 2020, our founder Isaac spent 7 days on the Appalachian Trail for the first time. He brought a disposable camera with him to document the experience.


view with cloud

“The grit, rain, sweat, sun, mud, mosquitos, new friends, swims in cool lakes, back aches, and mountain top views all come flooding back when I see these photos.


tree on the atspooky photo in the woods with fog

At the time, I was exhausted from feeling tethered to my phone, technology and news. I needed a break from the chaos. I had been camping before but never on my own and never for more than a couple of days.


washed out rainy photo of the woods

My main companion was a Fujifilm disposable camera. I wanted to document my journey but I didn’t want to touch my phone so the disposable was perfect. These photos transport me back to a place I hope to never forget. I didn’t know it at the time but that camera would be the gateway drug to a new era of film photography.”

lake on the at